Are you looking for an independant, family-minded center offering high quality and competitively priced daycare?

Why Aunties?

At Aunties PandA Childcare, your children are our priority. We pride ourselves in following the concept that Aunties are trustful, sweet, fun, loyal and playful; providing a safe and warm environment for your child.

S ecure. A secure and safe environment to develop the bond between each of us.

T rust. Trust and respect are essential as caregivers at Aunties P and A.

R elationships. Relationships between children, families and Aunties are filled with fun and laughter in daily life.

I ntegrity. At Aunties, we are committed to an honest, reliable environment with strong moral principles in our daycare.

V alue. We value every child and encourage the development of their needs.

E xcellence. Excellence comes together with our professionalism to provide all the child’s needs.

Child playing Aunties PandA childcare The Hague
Child playing Aunties PandA childcare The Hague

P is for Paola
A is for Anny

We both have been working in education for over 20 years. We have worked together in The Hague for 9 years in International Kindergartens.

Our passion for our work has brought us to this new beginning, where we want to provide a safe, trusting, fun and loving environment for all the family.

To maintain a higher quality center and for peace of mind our places are limited!