Are you looking for a fun loving, independent and family orientated daycare? We offer high quality care tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Are you looking for a fun loving, independent and family orientated daycare? We offer high quality care tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Anny& Paola at childcare center

Why Aunties?

As Aunties, we pride ourselves on the concept of being fun, warm, loving, loyal and fair in a safe and warm family environment.

At Aunties P and A Childcare, we provide a stimulating, nurturing and educational environment in small groups. We have three age groups:
0-2 years, 2-3 years, 3-4 years.

This enables us to focus on harnessing your child’s individual cognitive and social skills in a caring, playful and educational setting.

Our mission is to help your child STRIVE by providing

Security. A secure, trustworthy and sound environment is essential to make your child feel safe and at home.

Trust. Mutual trust and respect are critical values that enable your child to build their self-esteem and confidence within a warm and caring social environment.

Relationships. Building positive and healthy relationships with fun and laughter are vital to help develop your child’s social and communication skills.

Integrity. Integrity and honesty are fundamental moral and ethical principles that provide the cornerstones to Aunties daycare philosophy. We teach your child the importance of always telling the truth and how to deal with their emotions in a positive manner.

Value. We value each child’s individuality with their own specific characteristics and personality, and tailor our care to each child to encourage the development of their emotional, cognitive, social, creative and physical needs. We also celebrate the importance of diversity.

Excellence. We believe in excellence when it comes to providing high quality childcare. Our combined experience in working with small children in international childcare enables us to provide the absolute best comprehensive and tailored care for your child.

Child playing Aunties PandA childcare The Hague
Child playing Aunties PandA childcare The Hague

P is for Paola
A is for Anny

We have both been working in education for over 20 years. We worked together in The Hague for over 10 years in International Daycare, specialising with 0-4 year old children.

To maintain a higher quality center and for peace of mind our places are limited!

P and A was born out of our shared love and passion for children and early years education, our belief that quality outweighs quantity by having smaller groups of children so that we are able to focus on each child’s individual needs and nurture their cognitive and social development in a loving multi-cultural environment full of fun and laughter.

We believe that children should be recognised and celebrated as individuals and we ensure that we have enough staff and resources to do that.

We are great believers in promoting independence and decision making in our young learners.