Who are Aunties P and A?

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P is for Paola, who originates from the llama land, Peru, and has been involved in child education for over 20 years, which over 10 of these years have been in The Hague, working with young children from 0-4 years in International daycare as a teacher.

Paola has an amazing connection with children, she is the pied piper among them. Paola has also specialised in children with special needs. Her passion for children continues across the board. Travelling from her own country, first to Italy working with children with special needs, then onto the Netherlands, where she has become a Dutch citizen. Paola passionately believes in children’s individuality. Her own passion for learning further enhances the children’s needs. Paola’s knowledge of languages, Spanish, Italian, English and Dutch makes her communication skills ideal for the International children. Her passion shows in her teaching skills and her knowledge of children.

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A is for Anny, who was born in the UK into a large Leprechaun family. Anny has worked for over 20 years in child education. Her love for children brought her into children’s education.

She believes that children are all individuals who have something to teach us. They do not fit in a box. This is what makes them so special to us. Anny first worked as a volunteer before training in-house to work with children from 6-11. She also trained with children with special needs or needing extra assistance because of family situations. Later Anny went on to work with 11-16 with different syndromes. She originally started as a volunteer for work in the International daycare for 3 years, going onto actually moving here 11 years ago and working specifically with 0-4 year old children.

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