Our Approach

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Philosopy & practices

Our philosophy is to provide a trusting, fun loving, and stimulating environment for your child. We believe that smaller groups enable us to give the highest quality of care tailored to your own child’s individual needs.

Our curriculum is taught through weekly themes, for example; Spring, The Farm, Butterflies and Caterpillars, The Sea, Bugs and Insects….etc, where your child learns new words and concepts. We also try to capture your child’s imagination and sense of curiosity in the way that we teach. Each theme not only teaches your child on a cognitive level, but also focuses on finetuning your child’s gross motor skills, along with their personal and social development.

Activities include; drawing, painting, craft-work, singing, dancing, gymnastics, yoga, literacy, numeracy, language, cooking, dressing up and free play.

We also believe in the importance of providing a space where your child is able to relax and laugh with their friends, along with helping to set the days agenda.

Outdoor play is extremely important to our children, legally they should spend upwards of 2 hours playing outside, weather permitting. We have an outdoor space at P and A where children can play in a safe, fun environment. We have tricycles, go-cart, sand-pit, play-house and a variety of other outdoor toys and games to keep the children entertained. There are also a number of local play-parks which we visit with the children on a regular basis.


Each child is assigned to a group and mentor, not only depending on their age but also their development.

Group 1 – 0-2 consists of 5-6 maximum – 2 staff members
Group 2 – 2-3 consists of 7-8 maximum – 2 staff members
Group 3 – 3-4 consists of 8-10 maximum – 2 staff members

This is based on the British model which also adheres to Dutch regulations.

We are great believers in promoting independence and decision making in our young learners.

The development stages outlined below are actively encouraged by the carers and teachers, as they work through the weekly themes. These themes change from week to week, and notes about them are always in your child’s diary, which they bring home daily. We are always watchful of development; each new achievement is a cause for celebration and congratulations.

The Pedagogical Vision

The children are encouraged to play with other children, share toys, and be part of a group. Children laugh, learn and play together. As they develop, we start with what they know and build upwards and outwards – from familiar to the unfamiliar.

The children are encouraged to listen respectfully to each other as they explain what is important to them. (at any given time, this might be a favourite toy, a birthday, a new bike, etc.,)

Each child is an individual. They are always addressed by their name, they are celebrated as an individual, and recognised as individuals through their achievements, their birthdays and their specific culture.

In order for a child to build trust and feel emotionally and physically secure, they need to have a good relationship with their primary carers. We use the same carers in every group and do not move staff around. We reinforce this with our

Personal & Social Development programme

Through personal and social development, we teach the children and encourage them to take care of themselves with personal hygiene, dressing, and feeding. We aid in potty training, dental hygiene, fussy eaters, and sleeping, all as a plan set out with you as their parents, so we are working together as a team.

GGD Report

You can look at the reports generated by the GGD here.